Being that there are so many captivating images on the internet with Photoshop and other photo programs, I am curious to see what kind of courses or lessons I can find and better yet, if there are any useful picture editing sites available. You see links that promise to teach you how to draw amazing pencil sketches, or how to become a famous pianist through only the teachings and lessons you can buy through the internet.

I’ve already seen a couple, but they always involved the most UPDATED gear and software, which I don’t have. Not only that but the one’s I have come across have all been very, very expensive and I feel like this isn’t the way to go. There has to be a way to take professional photography courses online without breaking the wallet.¬†As a last resort, I guess I could check out and see if there are any local classes being offered at some high schools or community centers, like the ones I participated in when I was younger but hopefully aimed more towards more advanced photography and not so much on what I’d like to call, camera 101 for dummies courses. None the less I have been messing around with Photoshop a little more and using YouTube tutorials to widen my herizon on what’s possible inside the magical software that turns any one into super models and body builders.

So far, nothing revolutionary, but my search continues and hopefully soon I’ll have something to offer up to you guys!


Today, every-one is so obsessed with the newest and the biggest, no one ever thinks that maybe it’s not the equipment that is the issue. Photomania edit photos is here to find the solution to create professional photography using photo programs and editing sites.

I love old, DSLR’s and I love photography, but there has to be a way to create the kind of pictures I want without spending loads of money on new equipment and gear.

Time to search the web for new ideas so I may share my discoveries with you guys !